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Ki-Jung Kim (김기정) - Ph.D. Candidate
Fuel Cells
Ah-Reum Kim (김아름) - Ph.D. Candidate
Multi scale Fuel Cell Modeling
Seungho Shin (신승호) - Ph.D. Candidate
Nano―transport Modeling
Sungjae Chung (정성재) - Ph.D. Candidate
Microscale ― Fuel cell Modeling
Jonghyo Lee (이종효) - Ph.D. Student
Heat Transfer in Motors
Jiawen Liu (유가문) - Ph.D. Student
Microscale Transport Modeling
Namkwon Lee (이남권) - Ph.D. Student
Heat Transfer
Ali Akbar - Ph.D Student
Transport phenomenon in Porous Media
Heejun Kwon(권희준) - Ph.D. Student
Fuel Cells
JongHyun Lee(이종현) - Ph.D. Student
Fuel Cells
Myung Hwan Kim(김명환) - Ph.D. Student
Fuel Cells
Litian Zhang (장리텐) - M.S. Student
Heat Transfer
Jihyoung Kim(김지형) - M.S. Student
Experimental Research of Fuel Cells
Sangho Park (박상호) - M.S. Student
Structural Modeling of Porous Media
Lu Cui (최노) - M.S. Student
Microscale Modeling of Fuel Cells
Seoungho Ha (하성호) - M.S. Student
Heat Transfer Modeling
Keunwoo Choi (최근우) - M.S. student
Micro transport Modeling
Goohyeon Kwon (권구현) - M.S. Student
Fuel Cells
Changhwan Paek (백창환) - M.S. Student
Heat Transfer
Jeong Geun Oh (오정근) - M.S. Student
Heat Transfer